“TUBBR” a personal social networking app

Hello folks!

I recently came across on an app “TUBBR”.TUBBR is a place to showcase your stories and collaborate with people on things you love. It’s a Personal Social Network and should not be mistaken with Private Network, but taking it beyond.It can be used personally, as an influencer and to engage within communities via segregated timelines.

I liked the fact that it has timeline walls to post which makes easy for an individual to subscribe walls they are interested in.Ihave been working on my two walls recently 1. Fashion 2. Food also,will be coming up with some more walls super soon.

TUBBR is a fun platform that helps you categorise posts according to your interest. It reduces clutter on your Feed, as one can create different Timelines/Walls. This also means that you are not required to follow any one niche! You can explore and showcase all your interests by creating different Timelines without confusing your audience!

A beginner bloggers;influencers;content creator like me can have a interaction to your audience & you get to know what they like about your content & you can get better with your content because tubbr has a lots of opportunities to give.

Advantages of the app are – connect with like minded people, get discovered by users who are interested to follow you. TUBBR story lasts for seven days. Get a chance to be featured on the app like I did.

Consistency of content will make your profile on feature and will make it on top. I myself have subscribed to so many walls like travel,diy,cooking,styling and much more it’s so much fun to see & learn from them.

This app has so much to offer just hop into it. TUBBR is allowing 100 exclusive entries onto their platform! Know that the platform is still in its Development Stages, so the 100 people who are allowed in will have an actual say in how the App is developed! Your Feedback and Suggestions will be taken into account and developed according to the user.

Early user advantages are always there with the start of any platform, so I invite and encourage you to come on-board! Use my code VULJ47 at the time of sign up to be allowed access.

Here’s my profile link do subscribe ✨



Have a glimpse of tubbr app here👇🏻


You can find it on

Google play : TUBBR (World’s First Personal Social Network) – Apps on Google Playhttps://play.google.com

Apple play store : TUBBR by Tubbr Inc.


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